Coop de Ville

I got a few new members of the family a couple of weeks ago. They are entertaining and a pure delight. Say hello to, Mayhem, Coatlicue and Penelope!

I’ve since been attempting to build their coop and run. Being that I had to tear down some walls to reuse wood and it’s hotter than hell, this is taking a bit longer than anticipated. I did get the base done today, which is exciting.

Music Monday in Words

I started listening to a new podcast called Shadow to Self with Acharya Shunya and have been catching up on episodes during my morning walkabouts. Today’s was recorded shortly after the George Floyd murder and has much to do with feeling around that and very much digs into anger. Something I know so many of us are dealing with not only now, but other times in our lives. It’s a perspective I really like and am finding helpful, perhaps you will too. You can listen to it here.

Ruling Planet Ruling

I was reading a blurb about thunderstorms being so strong on Jupiter that they cause ammonia-rich hail, also known as “mushballs.” While there I saw this beautiful picture of a cyclone spotted by JunoCam in Jupiter’s northern hemisphere, in 2018.

It almost looks like a piece of Jasper or some sort of Agate. Space is pretty darn cool. Although I do think that hail situation is deserving of a better name than “mushballs.”

Seeds of Change

I haven’t posted here in a few weeks because I’ve been engrossed in yoga teacher training. Say what?! Yeah, life is and has been moving in certain directions. Directions that I think I’ve fought most of my life, out of fear.

I still have other trainings that I’m going to do (hopefully) over the next few months, in order to get to the next phase of what I want to do. As these pieces come together I’ll delve deeper into that here. I’m still figuring it out but I think I’ll transform this place to be the place for it all.

Birds of Prey isn’t going away, I’m simply evolving what I’m doing in and with my life. On that note, here’s a pretty little bauble I made pre-pandemic.

A little oval piece of Royston to brighten your day. In the SHOP now.

Earth and Moon and Sun and Stars

Once upon a time on Instagram, I’d post the sunrise with whatever song was playing to my stories. Being that I don’t use the platform anymore, I’m going to reinstate that here. Music Monday is getting a little revamp.

Although a picture never quite captures the perfection of that moment just before the sun peaks over the mountains, it’s close enough. Venus was still in view too! Today’s song Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, As I Sat Sadly by Her Side.