Dark Star

I made a tiny grouping of pieces called Dark as Night and Morning Star. The story of how they came together happened very organically, as I’ve been on a make things at random or as they come to mind deal. As I was making these, I realized that they were more than just an ode to the sun and moon, but unknowingly a direct piece of me and my past. You see my best friend as a little girl, her name translated to “morning star” in Apache and mine (yes, I was named after the Derek and the Dominoes song) means “night” or “moonless night” in Arabic. So in making these items with the polar opposites of the sun and moon, much like my friend and I, it only seemed fitting to bestow said names to them.

This would be them…

They’re all in the shop now!


That seems to be the rate at which so post something here. I quite literally have “blog post” on my list of to-do’s, yet somehow I keep not doing it. I suppose I’ve been too busy, too sidetracked. Nonetheless, it’s far time I do the damn thing. So away we go…

I’ve added some newness to the shop (finally). We’ll start with this jam.

A warm and dreamy piece of Imperial Jasper, set in polished sterling silver. In the shop now, awaiting the perfect home.

Heartbeat City

Remind myself as I do and I still forget to get things up on these pages. I made this special set of Lore gold fill cuffs almost exactly a month ago, for a far away, long ago friend, as a gift from her husband.

There’s something so sweet about the pattern of hearts. It was fun to mix it up and see the combination in a whole new way.

Rings of Saturn

I made this piece at the request of a dear friend. Well, she requested a round , black stone and I took it from there. I’m forever and always inspired by this grand universe and onyx is a modern gemstone of Saturn and this is what came together. It almost called to me and it just so happened there was a whole lot going on with Saturn when I was making it…cosmic indeed.

Here Comes the Rain

Number two in my “holding the pose” series of pieces, in an unspecified amount, Rain.

I finished these up a couple / few weeks back and boy were they a true test of holding the pose. The tiniest of rivets and the joys of soldering silver to brass. I quite love how they came out and it was actually fun getting back into the aforementioned tasks.

Made from brass and sterling silver.