Just as any bird does. Or in this case, my site is being migrated to a new server. So I’m not entirely sure what that is going to look like, but things might be funky for a few days or so. At least it won’t look like I’m selling erectile disfunction drugs when you do a Google search. Well that’s the hope anyways. Hackers are lame and costly, but this is the year of taking back the things I love that I’ve let go of, so f*ck it.

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over, instead of craving control over what you don’t.”


First of the Year

I sent off my first custom piece of the year today, along with a few other odds and ends.

My lovely friend/ mighty collector of my work requested something in onyx and I obliged. I mixed a little Lore with what’s kinda becoming my signature double band and smacked a simple piece of round onyx in the center. I’m thinking I may have to make something like it for myself and / or the shop.

Here I Sit

It’s funny how something that makes you so happy can be so hard to do sometimes. It took me the past three days to push myself to come out to my studio (I’m a wee bit behind because of my mind fuckery but I thrive under pressure. Even though I should really be more scheduled with my time). Mind you it’s been near freezing the past two days and my toes are currently numb, but I’m finally here and blissfully working the day away.

I think for me it comes from a weird fear of succeeding. Yeah, you read that right. When you’ve been stuck in a storm of chaos most of your life, the opposite feels foreign. Slowly though, I’m settling into it.

So, here I sit.

Excuse the mess. I’m forever needing to clean my bench.

New Year, New, I’m Not Sure

A turning of the invisible page. I hope everyone had a safe and happy start to the year.

2018 began in such dramatic fashion and kept up that pace until late Spring, then things seemed to fall apart, as you can see from the lack of posts and clear lack of direction here. I kept making jewelry but inspiration completely left my body. This sometimes happens as a creative and this time was full blown. I also took on other projects towards the end of the year that certainly weren’t helping in the creative realm. I’ve had things dance around in my head but they don’t ever come out how I want them.

I say all of this because 2019 will involve me finding inspiration again. How this will unfold I’m still unsure of, but it will likely come to fruition here and I’ve promised myself to rededicate myself to writing, photography and my jewelry, so there will actually be content again. 

I did have a bit of magical inspiration on my way home from a trip to Mammoth, late last month, in the form of a horse. I quite literally turned around to visit this beauty who had an uncanny resemblance to my childhood horse, Butterscotch. She came right up to me and we definitely had a moment. I’ve thought about her pretty much every day since. Where this bit of inspiration will take me remains to be seen, but I’ll take it.

What’s In A Box

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a minute now. Pretty much since shortly after the last. My computer and phone had other ideas, thanks Apple. I’m up and running again, so here it goes.

A day or so after my last post I started getting a bunch of orders. I found it interesting that this was happening, as I was having such a feeling of wanting to back down from Birds of Prey. I sat down at my bench and buckled in. I began having all the feelings I always have when I do this. Feelings of peace, of knowing that this is a part of my soul. Then the feelings of fuck the heart break, fuck the fear, this is what I’ve always been wanting to do. I found that love again.

As most creatives can attest to, creativity ebbs and flows. I was in a serious ebb. I almost wanted to quit. I still don’t entirely know what Birds of Prey looks like as far as the time I’m going to dedicate to it, but I do know that I want to keep on doing it. I want to keep sharing a little piece of my heart with those that will have it. So a big thank you to those people that placed those orders. You certainly didn’t know that by doing that, you were going to save part of this lady’s dream.