Single and Ready to Mingle

On your wrist.

Lore number 2. Available in the etsy shop.


Just over a year ago I was in talks about a collaboration with a clothing company/designer. Those fell through but an idea lived on. Forever inspired by my culture (half of it) and the many nations that exist within it, I became fascinated with mantas and mores specifically the adornment used to hold them closed.

What is a manta? Well it’s basically like a giant scarf or shawl that Pueblo and Navajo women often wore/wear, almost as a dress. Pins, usually of turquoise were used to hold them in place and/or as a closure.

I did my own spin on this with a bit simpler approach, making more of a stick pin. These can obviously be used a ton of other ways, say as a hat pin, in a tote or purse, on a coat, scarf, even through shoes (picture mocs) or on anything else one would like to adorn.

I made three in total. These two are down at Desert Omen and the other I shall reveal in due time.

Local Motion

I think I’ve failed to mention here that I’ve got quite a few, one of a kind pieces over at Desert Omen, a local boutique in Yucca Valley (55810 Twentynine Palms Hwy, @desertomen). The shop is filled with so many lovely things, that it’s a joy to have some of my creations amongst them.

Here are a few that are still available!

Hello July

I’m on the tail end of my recovery and ready to hit the studio hard in about a week. I’m also going to be getting back into some of my old trades of clothing and textiles. I’m not 100% sure where that will go, but it’s bound to bring inspiration back to the jewels!

Big and seemingly life shaking things have happened post surgery and I’m choosing to see them as shaking things up in order for transformation to occur rather than getting sucked into the sadness and drama of it all. I’m a little freaked out but excited by the possibilities. A new chapter is about to be written, 100% on my own terms this time.

Speaking of jewels, here’s a piece I made for a most special and inspirational human, pre surgery.

Try Number 5,237

I mean, it just shouldn’t be so hard to keep up with this thing, but life keeps happening and I keep getting sidetracked. I actually have a somewhat good reason for being away this time, I had yet another surgery due to those pesky fibroids. So the past weeks have been spent preparing and now recovering.

Luckily this time was much less invasive from a surgical standpoint. I am however missing my uterus, so there’s that. After 10 years of fighting these things, I’m hopeful that not having the nagging dilemma, pain, etc. in the back of my head will free up space for more living and creating.

I have my two week appointment coming up and will hopefully get the go ahead to get back to working, at least part time. Truth be told, I’ve snuck a little in the past week. It feels good after all the taking it easy I have to do.

So here’s to getting my life back in order and operating at a level of productivity I haven’t been able to gather in years.