I Love Horses

Probably more than any other animal on the planet. They were a pretty big part of my life growing up. I’m sure I’ve spoken at some point of my horse I ran away from home on as a little kid. My grandmother’s family were ranchers in Arizona and their were horses a plenty on childhood visit to the ranch. As I got older my time with them lessened to the point of being almost nonexistent, minus a roadside hello here and there.

This past weekend I had a miracle human come into my life that gave me a big push back towards these special creatures. Today I made it a reality when I went to Joey’s Home Animal Rescue to begin volunteering. Even mucking stalls was pleasurable getting to spend time with these beings and the great people that run the organization and volunteer.

I’m looking forward to going back and spending as much time as I can there. It’s the first time in a while I just felt content.

Open Sesame

Made a little thing from a classic little thing from the Heritage Collection for a friend. Definitely going to expand on this because why the heck not.


2020 is officially underway, whoa. 4 is showing up huge for me it’d seem. In my age, numerological in the year and in one of the last pieces I made last year.

A four stack of Morenci turquoise…swoon.

The number 4 calms you down, focuses on what matters, and ultimately supports you to build your dreams. I’m all for this and wishing it for us all. Happy New Year and here’s to making those dreams a reality!

Cold Moon

We experienced the last full moon of the decade and it’s hanging in Gemini. Talks around love, loyalty and commitment are bound to happen, resulting in the transformation of partnerships. Transportation is never a bad thing in my eyes!

She shone down brightly and continued to do so this morning.

It feels a bit wild that we’re about to embark on a new decade but in the best ways. Almost like there’s a clean slate, a time for bigger and better things.

Dark Star

I made a tiny grouping of pieces called Dark as Night and Morning Star. The story of how they came together happened very organically, as I’ve been on a make things at random or as they come to mind deal. As I was making these, I realized that they were more than just an ode to the sun and moon, but unknowingly a direct piece of me and my past. You see my best friend as a little girl, her name translated to “morning star” in Apache and mine (yes, I was named after the Derek and the Dominoes song) means “night” or “moonless night” in Arabic. So in making these items with the polar opposites of the sun and moon, much like my friend and I, it only seemed fitting to bestow said names to them.

This would be them…

They’re all in the shop now!