5 Months Later

Back in October or so I began the process of trying to sort my website after some really cool people took over parts of it to sell male performance enhancing drugs. There was a lot of back and forth, a lot of money spent and a lot of bumps in the road. It looked to have been fixed at the end of January, but alas more problems came. So I took a bit of a hands off stance, until I knew that things were working normally. I think today might be that day. Gone is my splash page / click through, I’m all up to date with the current ssl security that is required and I’m free (fingers crossed) to get things going again here.

I’ve made quite a few new piecess that I haven’t posted here or anywhere really, so those will be coming soon, along with the other randomness that you typically find around these parts. My life is a bit all over the place right now as I do what we like to call, the desert hustle, around these parts. Aka, juggling multiple income sources. This is nothing new to me, as jewelry has never really been my only source of income, however much I wish it could be.

Anyways, there’s big things on the horizon and I’m trying my best to manage it all, but it’s my hope to get back into things here and for real this time.

x- L

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