Back in This

Back in all of it, life that is. I’m just over a week into being given the all clear and I feel a bit like I’m hurling through life right now. There’s so much going on and so much to get caught up on. A lot of it being not so fun administrative type things, but they’re part of having your own business. Today is going to be spent in my office all day, hopefully making a dent. Jewelry making has slowly gotten back underway and I have a bunch of ideas for new pieces, so that will be coming your way sometime soon, I hope.

Over the weekend I took one of my classes for My Master Joshua Tree Naturalist program. It was on soil crusts, which are somewhat fascinating in that they’re alive. So when you’re out there wandering around, be careful where you step because you might just be harming micro-organisms. Staying on trails or in washes is always your best bet. Below are a few pictures from in the field.

IMG_2235 2

The soil is alive, beneath the top crust.

IMG_2255 2

Lechen comes in all sorts of beautiful colors.

IMG_2258 2

If you drive down highway 62, just past Wonder Valley, you’re actually driving next to the northern boarder of Joshua Tree National Park.

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