Coming Back Around.

Greetings and Salutations,

I’m writing from my bed, just over a week post op. I’ve had what by all accounts seems to be a pretty remarkable recovery. Even I’m surprised by how well I’m doing and how good I’m feeling. This is me, exhausted but feeling the stoke after my follow up appointment on Friday.

What am I talking about? Well, last Wednesday, the 31st of January, I had an open Myomectomy to remove what ended up being, 16 fibroids, including 1 rather large one (a little under 14cm, bigger than a large grapefruit). As one of my nurses joked, “congratulations it’s a fibroid!” I was like, “more like an alien!” Seriously, have you ever seen a fibroid? In case you haven’t, here are some of mine. If you get queasy or are easily grossed out, keep it moving.

For several years I’ve dealt with not only discomfort, but anemia and thus exhaustion, my hair falling out, having to completely change the way I dress because I basically looked 3 months pregnant at times and becoming a person I no longer recognized. To say I feel completely different now would be an understatement. I’ve had not only a physical shift but energetically I’ve been transformed. There is a sense of lightness and joy that I don’t know if I’ve ever felt.

The reason women get fibroids is pretty unknown by the medical community, but something like 80% of women will have them by the time they’re 50! That’s a ridiculous statistic if you ask me. It’s thought they’re brought on by estrogen spikes, usually caused by stress. I’ve also read that childhood trauma makes you more susceptible and on a metaphysical level, that they’re creative dreams that were never given birth to. Some women experience no symptoms and others, like me, experience many, to the point of having to have them removed. Too many doctors tell women that a hysterectomy is the best or only option. Their reasoning is that they can grow back. It’s more often that the doctor isn’t skilled enough to preform a myectomy. If you don’t want a hysterectomy, find another doctor. I did and I completely accredit how good I feel to him doing everything right. I was also in good physical condition and prepared in every way I could beforehand, but without a skilled and thoughtful surgeon advocating for me, I know this could’ve been way worse.

I can’t thank my surgeon or Planned Parenthood, who brought him into my life, enough. They have given me, me back. For the first time in a long time, I’m hopeful. I can breathe. I can see my future clearly. And to my crüe, you all rule the school. So many of you came through in big ways and I’m feeling so loved.

This ride is about to change is really big ways. I hope you all join me for the next chapter.

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