Dear August,

You’ve been a bit of a jerk to a lot of people. Not to say you haven’t had your bright days but if I hear one more story in the next few days of how you’ve done someone wrong or experience your funk personally, I’m going to ignore you for several years to come.

At the beginning of your reign, I was contacted regarding another cuff I had made that was taken by what I’ll call, a horrible person. They asked if I could make something similar as a replacement. Without hesitation I said yes, especially after hearing the details of why it was no longer around. We have been in contact since, sorting out the details and discussing our seriously dislike of you right now.

A stone was found, design upon and today I set off to put the finishing touches and set said stone. As I pushed the last edge down, I heard the sound you never want to hear when doing such things…a crack. Tears welled up in my eyes, I couldn’t believe that of all pieces I’d crack this stone, for this person. I shook my fist at you  August. 

Then came the most painful part, explaining what happened. Luckily I received a very understanding reply. The stone search will begin again and I have faith I’ll find something even more perfect. I also decided that I’ll keep the piece for myself (the crack is ever so small) and that when it’s worn, it’ll serve as a reminder of the sweet soul that was brought into my life. 

August, you maybe aren’t so bad after all.

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