electric 13

as i ‘d mentioned in my last post, i recently returned from the city by the bay, following seeing the cult perform the electric album, at the fillmore. to say i like the cult would probably be an understatement. the first concert i ever went to, in the eighth grade was them, headlining for sonic temple (yes, i just aged myself), with la guns and dangerous toys. that was a looooong time ago and i remember almost every moment of it.
so when i saw they were going to tour the electric album, i had the same reaction to them touring the love album, buy. tickets. now! i’m glad i did because a. they not only played electric, but came back and did another set full of all the stuff you’d want to hear and several songs from weapon of choice. b. i’d never been to a show at the fillmore (hailing from southern california, it’s not a venue i had easy access to, until now.) and always wanted to. i mean janis, jimi, ugh, the history is ridiculous!


a venue with chandeliers is a good venue in my book.




a picture of me, taking a picture of mr. duffy. i’m appropriately wearing the lil’ devil bracelet.


at this moment, the bouncer to the left, had just handed mr. astbury a special treat, that kinda looks like this. i mean, i sort of had to do it. i appropriate their song lyrics to name my jewelry.



overall it was a fun, memorable night. the band played well, a nicely selected opening act, white hills jammed out some great fuzzrock, the few fights that started to break out were over before they began, we got the infamous concert posters the fillmore generously “gives away”, oh and i got chris wyse’s bass pick! yeah, life in the woods is treating me well.

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