I Love Horses

Probably more than any other animal on the planet. They were a pretty big part of my life growing up. I’m sure I’ve spoken at some point of my horse I ran away from home on as a little kid. My grandmother’s family were ranchers in Arizona and their were horses a plenty on childhood visit to the ranch. As I got older my time with them lessened to the point of being almost nonexistent, minus a roadside hello here and there.

This past weekend I had a miracle human come into my life that gave me a big push back towards these special creatures. Today I made it a reality when I went to Joey’s Home Animal Rescue to begin volunteering. Even mucking stalls was pleasurable getting to spend time with these beings and the great people that run the organization and volunteer.

I’m looking forward to going back and spending as much time as I can there. It’s the first time in a while I just felt content.

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