Once upon a time, my ex and I had an art gallery/boutique. We were pretty fortunate to hold space for some of our favorite artists. One such artist was Craig Metzger. We sold a couple of pieces that show and got to hang onto one. We’ve been hanging on to this dame ever since and on my trip north a couple weeks ago Wes was kind enough to let me have her back.

I had her properly stretched at Custom Stretched Canvases, down in Cathedral City (they’re awesome if you’re ever in need of such things and do blank canvas for artists) and picked her up yesterday. It’s now proudly hung in my dining room, to enjoy for years to come.

Because of This

Over the weekend I ventured out to the local watering hole, aka, Pappy and Harriet’s. They were having a fundraiser for Brian O’Connor, known to some as BOC, to others as a musician in bands they love and to a whole lot of us, one kind human. He’s been battling a rare form of cancer since 2010 and recently found out that more aggressive care will be needed and obviously costs will be involved in just general day to day life. If you wish to know a bit more and perhaps see it in your heart to donate, please go HERE.

So many great musicians, bands, etc. came out to support the super human that is Brian; Chris Goss, Bone Acre, Mojave Lords, Mark Lanegan, and so many more, with a closing set by Eagles of Death Metal. I didn’t take a lot of pictures, which is usually a good sign, but I did snap this flick of Mojave Lords.

L to R: David Catching, Gene Trautmann, Brian O’Connor and Bingo Richey

The highlight of my evening was hearing Mark Lanegan’s gravely voice float around the open desert air. I had goosebumps, multiple times. He played a bevy of songs, including this beauty…

I Should Be Hoping…

but I just can’t stop thinking.

The Jump Off



I somehow didn’t post these and they were kind of the inspiration for wanting to make nothing but earrings. Sterling silver crescent moon jams.

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

I loaded up the car, my road dog and set out due north, northwest to be exact, for a little rest and relaxation. It’d been far too long since I spent any time with the sea and a break from the oppressive heat was so necessary. Mr. Martin was kind enough to park the family Airstream at a beautiful state park, where as I write this, I can hear the waves crashing.

There’s the added bonus of the full moon and being here for it, feels perfect. In fact with the recent life turbulence, this all feels perfect. Having time away to reflect and realize things I’d not been wanting to face was long overdue. I’m so deeply grateful to be here with one of my best friends nearby and my furry best friend too.

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain.”

- Carl Jung