What’s In A Box

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a minute now. Pretty much since shortly after the last. My computer and phone had other ideas, thanks Apple. I’m up and running again, so here it goes.

A day or so after my last post I started getting a bunch of orders. I found it interesting that this was happening, as I was having such a feeling of wanting to back down from Birds of Prey. I sat down at my bench and buckled in. I began having all the feelings I always have when I do this. Feelings of peace, of knowing that this is a part of my soul. Then the feelings of fuck the heart break, fuck the fear, this is what I’ve always been wanting to do. I found that love again.

As most creatives can attest to, creativity ebbs and flows. I was in a serious ebb. I almost wanted to quit. I still don’t entirely know what Birds of Prey looks like as far as the time I’m going to dedicate to it, but I do know that I want to keep on doing it. I want to keep sharing a little piece of my heart with those that will have it. So a big thank you to those people that placed those orders. You certainly didn’t know that by doing that, you were going to save part of this lady’s dream.

Turn and Face the Strange

I’m totally failing at keeping this journal updated. Life has changed in ways I wasn’t expecting and it’s had an effect on my feelings about how I’ll be continuing on with Birds of Prey in the days to come. I don’t foresee a time when I will stop doing this completely, but other opportunities have come along that will require my attention as well. My current thought on this is that I will continue doing what I do, but not full time. I haven’t quite flushed out what that looks like though.

I’ve been at this for over 8 years now and I love it, I really do. I’ve also gotten older in those 8 years and being a metalsmith is hard on ones body. I unfortunately inflicted a lot of damage on my body over the years and it’s all catching up with me. So sitting in a chair in the position I have to to work, well, isn’t totally working for me. Plus, if I’m being totally honest, I had my makers heart broken a bit this year over a project and it took the wind out of my sails so to speak.

So yeah, I’m just trying to figure this all out right now. There’s some really cool things on the horizon in my life, so this isn’t all bad, just more trying to explain what’s going on around here. I will have my work exclusively at High Desert Home, in Yucca Valley and will continue to sell things from my Etsy and direct shop. I appreciate the love and support I’ve received over these past 8 years. This is not the end, but a change of pace.

One thing I’m NOT doing is selling Vigra…
Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 3.43.29 PM
Seriously, if anyone knows how to fix this, please hit me up and I’ll explain what’s going on.

Did it Again

Somehow a month and a half has gone by without me posting anything here. That crazy life thing always getting in my way. Anyway, there’s several new things in my SHOP, including THESE.
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Crawling King Snake

This weekend, tomorrow in fact, there’s a Bikes and Buggies event going down at High Desert Home, in Yucca Valley. There’ll be tacos, beer, good people and bikes and buggies. If you’re near here, you should go! I’ve got several pieces down there too, including this one that I made especially for High Desert Home.

New Thang

After close to a year, I have added new pieces to my SHOP. It only took me a week to mention it here, if that tells you anything about my days of late. Just over here making the magic happen.
Here’s one of said pieces. Ocean Jasper and silver goodness.