Did it Again

Somehow a month and a half has gone by without me posting anything here. That crazy life thing always getting in my way. Anyway, there’s several new things in my SHOP, including THESE.
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Crawling King Snake

This weekend, tomorrow in fact, there’s a Bikes and Buggies event going down at High Desert Home, in Yucca Valley. There’ll be tacos, beer, good people and bikes and buggies. If you’re near here, you should go! I’ve got several pieces down there too, including this one that I made especially for High Desert Home.

New Thang

After close to a year, I have added new pieces to my SHOP. It only took me a week to mention it here, if that tells you anything about my days of late. Just over here making the magic happen.
Here’s one of said pieces. Ocean Jasper and silver goodness.

There’s the Moon Asking to Stay…

Full moon feelings.

Down In It

Work has been nonstop, which is great! In between I’ve been trying to get together a new grouping of pieces for the shop. I gave myself the deadline of April 30th. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off, but I’m damn sure going to try. This won’t be a typical collection, as I’ve made the decision to go back to making one of a kind pieces again. Sure, if there’s something you like, I can do a similar piece, but beyond the Heritage Collection, there will be no repeats. I’ve always liked working this way creatively. It pushes me in ways repeating myself never has. Who knows, maybe somewhere down the road a specific collection will come to mind, that I want to do repeatedly, but for now, it’s one offs and customs.

This is the first piece in the small grouping I’m working on. Rutilated quartz, set in sterling silver.