Bird in Flight

Several years ago I made this money clip for one of my favorite manfriends. He’s in Europe right now, jumping off cliffs, like a flying squirrel and sent this to me.

It’s pretty cool to see things you’ve made, worn in and living a whole wonderful story. 

Everybody Must Get Stoned

Not sure how I missed posting these, but actually I am sure because my head has been in space or somewhere for most of this year. Anyways, I made these for one of the loves of my life who is on the most incredible journey with medicinal marijuana. Once it all comes to fruition, I will be one of the first to brag about her and her accomplishments.

IMG_8166 IMG_8168

All sterling silver, rolled, cut and soldered.


A little metal name necklace for my pal/collector of my work, with her son’s name. 



This is the best place, my favorite place, the only place where my mind finds quiet.

A Little Discipline…

If you’ve been reading my sporadic posts you may have wondered what the heck has been going on…well, a lot. Every single time I think I get a handle on things, boom, some other thing knocks me on my ass. 2017 has been a real bitch.

Today I decided to take control, no mater what. I’ve put myself on a schedule again, which is a thing when you work for yourself. Part of that schedule is more of this. So being that it’s Monday, Music Monday, I give you these fine fellows, singing a little song called, Midlife Crisis…