There’s the Moon Asking to Stay…

Full moon feelings.

Down In It

Work has been nonstop, which is great! In between I’ve been trying to get together a new grouping of pieces for the shop. I gave myself the deadline of April 30th. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off, but I’m damn sure going to try. This won’t be a typical collection, as I’ve made the decision to go back to making one of a kind pieces again. Sure, if there’s something you like, I can do a similar piece, but beyond the Heritage Collection, there will be no repeats. I’ve always liked working this way creatively. It pushes me in ways repeating myself never has. Who knows, maybe somewhere down the road a specific collection will come to mind, that I want to do repeatedly, but for now, it’s one offs and customs.

This is the first piece in the small grouping I’m working on. Rutilated quartz, set in sterling silver.

Black Snake Moan

The past couple of weeks have been dedicated to catching up on orders and more excitingly, playing with new ideas. This is a super special idea, somewhere in the middle of coming to life.


I’m super stoked on how this turned out and perhaps one day soon I’ll be able to share what it is and how it looks in all its polished glory.

True Blue

When making jewelry with stones, I’ve always been a big believer of the stone being the star. Then again, I’ve always liked clean and simple design, so I’m not big on frilly things. Then there are some stones where I think no matter what setting you put it in, it will cry out to be seen. This is one of those stones. Quite possibly the closest I’ve ever seen to what the color turquoise should look like, at least to my eye.
I made this custom piece for my sister from another mister’s sister, as a very belated Christmas gift. I’m happy to say she’s happy with the outcome, which is the only thing that ever matters.

Practically Perfect in Every Way

>I’ve been making the 4-Points, aka medicine wheel necklace for years now. It’s my most made piece and they live worldwide at this point. I’ve changed it over the years and have finally dialed it in so to speak.

In making things from scratch, the way I do, there’s always going to be imperfections, but as I always say, there’s perfection in the imperfections. This particular necklace came out as close to perfect as any I’ve made. If not for the saw blade, I swear I could do this blindfolded, but I like having my fingers.

Here’s to many more years of making this piece and maybe even a few more close to perfects.