Just over a year ago I was in talks about a collaboration with a clothing company/designer. Those fell through but an idea lived on. Forever inspired by my culture (half of it) and the many nations that exist within it, I became fascinated with mantas and mores specifically the adornment used to hold them closed.

What is a manta? Well it’s basically like a giant scarf or shawl that Pueblo and Navajo women often wore/wear, almost as a dress. Pins, usually of turquoise were used to hold them in place and/or as a closure.

I did my own spin on this with a bit simpler approach, making more of a stick pin. These can obviously be used a ton of other ways, say as a hat pin, in a tote or purse, on a coat, scarf, even through shoes (picture mocs) or on anything else one would like to adorn.

I made three in total. These two are down at Desert Omen and the other I shall reveal in due time.

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