I’m not going to go on about the band, albeit I do enjoy their riffs. Instead I’m going to talk about fossilized mastodon ivory. I know that there’s a lot of people that freak out about it and where it comes from and I promise, the piece I used in this repair came from a reputable source.

I’ve been doing repair work for the lovely proprietress of Black Luck Vintage, here in the high desert over the past several months. The latest batch are missing stone setting. I just so happened to have a piece of said fossilized ivory that with a little shaping, fit this ring perfectly. I personally quite like the contrast with the turquoise.

It’s always fun getting to do something a little different and that is unexpectedly challenging. Having to reshape a stone, when you’re not a professional lapidarist is definitely a thing, but I made it work.

Plus I always enjoy seeing how other people construct things. Seriously, what’s with glueing stones in??

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