Shining Star

I’ve begun a new practice in my life and uncovering so many things about myself and letting go of so many more. It was mentioned that the practice becomes a part of every moment of your life. Things get hard, they don’t develop in your time frame and it becomes a test of will and “how long you can hold the pose.”

I’ve been holding the pose of being a jeweler for 10 years. Sometimes just barely. I’m now rooting down, holding it for as long as it takes. In this I’ve promised myself to just make, not for any reason, but to discover what I can do, to see where it takes me. No matter how difficult, how tedious or how long, just make.

The first item in this practice are these earrings, I’ve named, Shining Star (thank you Earth, Wind & Fire). They look perhaps easier than they appear. I had the beads and used the smallest wire I had on hand to make the headpins the beads are on, but only about half the beads actually fit onto the wire. Still I pressed on and “held the pose.” I like the way the turned out and learned things for the next time.

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