Snow Day!

I woke up this morning and there was a particular silence. A silence that only happens when it snows. I grew up in the mountains above where I live now and previously lived in the sierra, so I was familiar with the sound or lack there of. Only in the desert it’s at a whole other. It’s so quiet that it’s almost deafening. Anyway, I jumped out of bed and peaked out the window to confirm, then threw some clothes on and went out.

It’s a very rare occasion that we get snow at this elevation and if you’ve never seen snow in the desert, it’s magical. I personally think snow is quite wonderful but when it snows here it’s something else. As I started walking, it began to fall, heavily and I only became more excited. I smiled like I haven’t in a while, cried even and did a few grand jetés. It was glorious!

Unfortunately it melted soon aftertastes stopped, but I’m holding tightly to the special moment in time.

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