What’s In A Box

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a minute now. Pretty much since shortly after the last. My computer and phone had other ideas, thanks Apple. I’m up and running again, so here it goes. A day or so after my last post I started getting a bunch of orders. I found it interesting […]

New Thang

After close to a year, I have added new pieces to my SHOP. It only took me a week to mention it here, if that tells you anything about my days of late. Just over here making the magic happen. Here’s one of said pieces. Ocean Jasper and silver goodness.


Triangulation. Amethyst sage dendritic agate is found in the bulk mountains of n Nevada. The stone forms in pods of volcanic ash and was discovered in the 90s. It is said to help one become more loving towards themselves and others. This necklace is in the SHOP now!

Golden Snake

I recently made a custom Don’t Drink Venom bangle in gold. Its always fun to do things in metals other than silver and I really like the way it came out.       

Women’s Knife

A few weeks ago, I was reading about the ulu knife in Inuit culture. Little did I know that as I went to make this stacker with fossilized ivory from Alaska, that it would turn out in the same shape as one. Pretty fitting if I do say so myself and well, I just did. […]


This piece is like playing the game Operation. I got all the pieces together but one is basically buzzing like when the tweezers hit the metal on the game.   I will beat you. I will.

Oh Hey!

I’m still here, lack of posts are due to surgery on Monday and a lot of sleeping since then. My waking hours have been a little foggy, even tried to write a post, but it made no sense. Things are on the upswing and next week will be a little more normal. I’m hoping to […]

On the Low

Low Desert Metal is complete. Photos are almost complete. Here’s a sneak peak. Nothing fancy, just me, my camera and the expansiveness of my heart, aka the desert.Coming early 2015.

skin and bones

Yet another idea I had to flush out of my brain. This one is a keeper. Couldn’t sell it, even if I wanted to, and I don’t. Rib bones and buckskin come together to make a chest plate (a really tiny one).

the sum of things to come.

Or rather, a work in progress. A wedding ring is what’s to come. Made from rose gold, which leaves behind a pretty coloration in the crucible. I made what is probably the smallest ingot I’ve ever made, for part of the bezel. It’s also the most expensive! Gold is great to work with, not so […]