A Good Cause

My pal Mr. Vogel has created a pretty rad shirt for a really good cause. All proceeds will be going towards the current refugee crisis happening in Europe. I just purchased mine and you can too, right HERE.

no swimming

Explaining to the pup why she can’t go swimming.   I once lived just down the road from here, in Big Bear City. I spent my kid years playing in the woods and skiing the slopes. In those years, this part of the lake was full of water. So much water, that during an allergic […]

f*ck this

When a simple sticker says all you want and covers up all you don’t. The fine people over at Black Lodges had included some stickers with a care package a while back. I made use of one by covering up some random casino name on my thrifted travel mug. It’s been crazy hot the past […]

mother lodge delivery

Yesterday I was having a moody kind of day. The kind where you’re in a particular mood and you’re not sure why. Well, when I came up from the studio, I found a package at my door. As soon as I saw who it was from I knew what goodness was inside. Needless to say […]

lunacy has found me…

certainly not feeling this monday. then i took a listen to the grand wizard’s latest mix. it starts out with this jam and only gets louder and faster from there.

nesting in the lodge

yes, i do more than make jewelry. idle hands and all that… my friend, aka the grand wizard of black lodges and i are working on a special project together. slowly and steadily it’s coming together, but consider this a work in progress/preview of what’s to come. i’m pretty excited about it and to see […]

Happenings at the Mother Lodge

if you’ve been an avid reader of this here journal, you’ve likely seen mention of black lodges. recently i was asked by my friend, overseer of all things black lodges, if he could do a piece on birds of prey. i of course said yes. you can read and see it here.

fire walk with me.

black lodges is back up and running after a wee bit of a hiatus. do yourself a favor and check out what’s going on over there, you’ll be happy you did.

jam on it

i love myself a good mix. hearing music that takes you to a specific point or invokes a certain feeling, some maybe you’ve heard, some maybe not. with the loveliness that is the internet, one can access a plethora of said mixes. one of the masterminds behind black lodges recently posted a few gems over […]