Snow Day!

I woke up this morning and there was a particular silence. A silence that only happens when it snows. I grew up in the mountains above where I live now and previously lived in the sierra, so I was familiar with the sound or lack there of. Only in the desert it’s at a whole […]

About to Blast Off

Still trying to get things ready for this weekend’s, Contact in the Desert  and get my pending customs done too. There’s also some other things I’m attempting to finally bring to life – you can find out a little more about that over at Casa Robles 1975. And here’s a picture of one of the grandfathers […]


Next stop, Saguaro National Park. Yet another national park and another place I hadn’t been since I was a little girl. I spent the better part of the end of the day here exploring, until I found the perfect rock to perch on, up on a hill. I sat for I don’t know how long, […]