What If…

What if our religion was each other, if our practice was our life, if prayer our words? What if temple was the earth, if forests were our church, if holy waters – the rivers, lakes and oceans. What if meditation was our relationships, if the teacher was life, if wisdom was self-knowledge, if love was […]

Snow Day!

I woke up this morning and there was a particular silence. A silence that only happens when it snows. I grew up in the mountains above where I live now and previously lived in the sierra, so I was familiar with the sound or lack there of. Only in the desert it’s at a whole […]

New Year, New, I’m Not Sure

A turning of the invisible page. I hope everyone had a safe and happy start to the year. 2018 began in such dramatic fashion and kept up that pace until late Spring, then things seemed to fall apart, as you can see from the lack of posts and clear lack of direction here. I kept […]


I’ve been working on repairs mostly  the past couple weeks, which leaves me with nothing much exciting to share in the jewelry department. This will soon change as I have some pretty cool customs upcoming and that celestial jazz I mentioned in my last post (sorry for the gap between, my head has been other […]

Death Valley

I’m finally coming back down from my trip to Death Valley over the weekend. The show didn’t quite go as well as I was hoping, not having wifi the first day was a huge problem, but I really can’t complain. How can I when I was sitting in one of the most magnificent places on […]

I Get the Job Done

I work…baby. *Big Daddy Kane voice* Ok, what I’m doing here has absolutely nothing to do with the actual lyrics of that song, but I did in fact get the job done and I’m working so…    Being that it’s that time of year when most of what I’m doing is gift making, I end […]


I’m in bed, wishing I could just fall asleep but that seems to be something my body is opposed to lately. So to kill time, I’ll write this post. Apologies ahead of time if this rambles or possibly makes no sense at all. I’ve been working nonstop the past two days trying to make up […]

All the Things I Love 

Well some of them anyway. Thunderstorms, abandoned buildings, good pals and taking pictures. One of my ladybirds from the north is in town visiting and I’ve been playing tour guide the past couple of days. Today we made our way to the outskirts of Wonder Valley. Here are some outtakes. I’m always a fan of taking […]

Pictograms and Logograms

I’m excited to announce that I will be a vendor at the Ridgecrest Petroglyph Festival, November 7-8. There will be tours of petroglyphs, a traditional hog fry, an inter tribal pow wow and of course, vendors of goods and food. If I wasn’t already going to be there to sell my wears, I’d totally want […]

Hell Fire

On Wednesday, a fire broke out near Barton Flats, here in California. I typically awake with the sun but on Thursday morning my inner alarm clock was screaming at me to get up. It appeared too dark through the cracks of my blinds to be time to rise, only upon finding my phone I saw […]