Local Motion

I think I’ve failed to mention here that I’ve got quite a few, one of a kind pieces over at Desert Omen, a local boutique in Yucca Valley (55810 Twentynine Palms Hwy, @desertomen). The shop is filled with so many lovely things, that it’s a joy to have some of my creations amongst them. Here […]

Snow Day!

I woke up this morning and there was a particular silence. A silence that only happens when it snows. I grew up in the mountains above where I live now and previously lived in the sierra, so I was familiar with the sound or lack there of. Only in the desert it’s at a whole […]

Turn and Face the Strange

I’m totally failing at keeping this journal updated. Life has changed in ways I wasn’t expecting and it’s had an effect on my feelings about how I’ll be continuing on with Birds of Prey in the days to come. I don’t foresee a time when I will stop doing this completely, but other opportunities have […]


Now that the big gifting holiday is behind us, I can post my opus. I was asked by a dear friend, who also happens to be one of my most valued collectors, to make her, her two sisters and mom necklaces. That was about all the instruction I was given. This of course lead to […]

All the Things I LoveĀ 

Well some of them anyway. Thunderstorms, abandoned buildings, good pals and taking pictures. One of my ladybirds from the north is in town visiting and I’ve been playing tour guide the past couple of days. Today we made our way to the outskirts of Wonder Valley. Here are some outtakes. I’m always a fan of taking […]

I am home.

I have no words for just how awesome Saturday night was. One of my favorite gal pals came out for a visit and to accompany me to see John Garcia at Pappy and Harriets. He played his solo stuff along with an array of Kyuss songs, including this. Kyuss – Whitewater (HD video) by rino1707

Flint Knapper

A few weeks back I began immersing myself in the things this spectacular place has to offer. A little offbeat, a little random, but of course. Tony Soares was giving a talk on the art of flint knapping and it seemed right up my alley, so I went. It was quite fascinating to watch. I’m […]

low desert metal

Low Desert Metal, the annual capsule collection for 2015. Inspired by listening to desert rock with a dash of past and future lives. Up close and personal pictures of the collection to come soon, but you can catch glimpses in this, for now. All metal, no filler. Give some love to Queens of the Stone […]

We’ll Scorch the Earth, Set Fire to the Sky

I spent half a day driving around Joshua Tree, listening to The Joshua Tree. It was time well spent. I may or may not have shed some tears. That place is one of those places, at least for me, that make you lose your shit a little. Leaving proved to provide more in the way […]