Cold Moon

We experienced the last full moon of the decade and it’s hanging in Gemini. Talks around love, loyalty and commitment are bound to happen, resulting in the transformation of partnerships. Transportation is never a bad thing in my eyes! She shone down brightly and continued to do so this morning. It feels a bit wild […]

Crawling King Snake

This weekend, tomorrow in fact, there’s a Bikes and Buggies event going down at High Desert Home, in Yucca Valley. There’ll be tacos, beer, good people and bikes and buggies. If you’re near here, you should go! I’ve got several pieces down there too, including this one that I made especially for High Desert Home.


There’s probably not much more I like than a good walkout, especially as I’m healing. I love them in the quiet of the morning, or as the sun is about to set, but certainly wouldn’t turn down a midday go. Lately I’ve taken to dancewalkabouts, which basically consist of me listening to music and dancing […]

The Sun Has Shifted

The season most certainly feels like it’s changing now. I’ve been working away on gifts and repairs, meaning I can’t show you too much of my work right now. I took a picture of some repairs I did and was going to post that, but they weren’t very interesting. Instead I give you this picture […]

I live in the Middle of Nowhere.

These past few months in the new abode have been interesting in that, I'm only 15 or so miles from where I was, but it's a whole other world. There's no grocery stores, not a center of town, unless you count the gas station on the highway or the post office. When I need something […]

New Year, New…

All kinds of things came about at the close of last and beginning of this year. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all. Truth be told, these last months I’ve been completely out of sorts. Each time I think I can get a handle on keeping up with all the smaller parts […]

Snow Daze

Thursday morning, whilst on my morning walkabout, I saw snow in the hills up at the park. I briskly dragged my dog along so I could hurry and see it up close.  I knew exactly where to go but was worried that road conditions could be iffy. Luckily I got there early enough and the […]

Wintertime Winds Blow Cold the Season

I awoke to 33-47 mph winds and a tickle in my throat, Winter must be here. Happy Winter Solstice to you all.

It Was Here, Then it Wasn’t 

The week that is. Every day I’ve said to myself, you’re neglecting your journal, you should do something about that. Four days later and I finally am. I suppose it’s something I should schedule, like most everything else in my workday, but even when I do it somehow gets pushed down the list. I suppose […]

It Really Must Be.

I’ve certainly posted this video before but over the weekend it took on new meaning. Almost exactly a year ago, I made the decision to move to Joshua Tree, or the general vicinity, luckily Joshua Tree worked out. From the moment I arrived I knew this was a place I could see myself being for […]