I love when music comes into your life in random ways. Today this ear love came into my life. Now I shall listen to all the songs by this ray of joy. Happy music Monday on a Tuesday. May the music gods bless you with fine tunes.

Taking Me Back Down the Road…

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a Music Monday. So not only are you getting a post after a very sporadic year of posting thus far, you’re also getting some tunes, courtesy of one of, if not my all time favorite front men. The incomparable, Robert Plant, singing a tune of lust and […]

Because Throw Rag.

Friday night I made my way to the favorite local watering hole to see one of my favorite frontmen in my favorite of all his projects, Throw Rag. So music Monday is dedicated to them. This video was recorded the day after and features the classic, Bag of Glue. And if we can take a […]

My Heart is Singing

Sometimes you stumble across wonderfulness via the interwebs. A whole pile of covers John Frusciante has sung over the years is one of them. I’m sure to be in tears shortly, as this mans voice does that to me. Even as I type this, he is singing Songbird by Fleetwood Mac and my eyes are […]

Animal Attraction

I’ve been on a She Wants Revenge binge. My love of a slowdive is never ending and they gave it pretty good for the earlier part of this century. I somehow never heard this tune. It’s certainly not my favorite of their’s, but the styling in this video wins. It’s a good Monday morning eye-gasam, […]

all of this and nothing

delayed post, but saturday night i found myself taking in the musical stylings of the psychedelic furs. they put on quite an entertaining show and richard butler sounded remarkably good, as did the rest of the band. they have some very devoted fans, who were almost as entertaining as the band. i think the funniest […]

electric 13

as i ‘d mentioned in my last post, i recently returned from the city by the bay, following seeing the cult perform the electric album, at the fillmore. to say i like the cult would probably be an understatement. the first concert i ever went to, in the eighth grade was them, headlining for sonic […]

the keyboards though…

i was recently reminded of how good this song is. that is all.

jam on it

i love myself a good mix. hearing music that takes you to a specific point or invokes a certain feeling, some maybe you’ve heard, some maybe not. with the loveliness that is the internet, one can access a plethora of said mixes. one of the masterminds behind black lodges recently posted a few gems over […]