funerary vehicle

Once upon a time, I wanted a hearse as a my daily driver. Upon seeing this one, that want crept back up. 1962-ish Cadillac death mobile.

antiqued beats

randomly went to see beats antique. it was apparently the first time they’d ever played in sacramento and from what i could tell, the venue seemed to be at or near capacity. they’re not exactly my “thing”, but nobody ever seems to want to go out and do stuff around these parts, so i pretty […]


i’ve been pretty sunset obsessed as of late. my front porch has one of the best views of this site and i keep finding myself there at the end of the day. this sunset was captured at the airport parking lot, waiting for my mom, a couple weeks ago, after a storm.

all of this and nothing

delayed post, but saturday night i found myself taking in the musical stylings of the psychedelic furs. they put on quite an entertaining show and richard butler sounded remarkably good, as did the rest of the band. they have some very devoted fans, who were almost as entertaining as the band. i think the funniest […]

down on the docks

i took mom on a quick tour of sacramento, prior to her departure, a week ago. she’d never been to the state capitol city, which i found unacceptable, being that she is native to the state. we made our way down to the river, in old sac and the pictures below are some of the […]

a city not too far away.

living in the woods can make this city mouse homesick. so it’s nice to know that in about a 1/2 hour i can see things like this.