doom and gloom

Took a little day trip to “the city”, or as I like to call it, San Francisco. It was a pretty typical Summer day, gloomy, with random rain, cold and hot spells. Did a little shopping for Casa Robles Vintage, ate some food, took in some sites. It was good to come down off the […]

sutro baths

the day following the cult madness, a visit to the sutro baths was made. somehow in all my years coming to san francisco, i’d never been. it was foggy, windy and about 57 degrees out, perfect if you ask me.

electric 13

as i ‘d mentioned in my last post, i recently returned from the city by the bay, following seeing the cult perform the electric album, at the fillmore. to say i like the cult would probably be an understatement. the first concert i ever went to, in the eighth grade was them, headlining for sonic […]

full circle

there are those times in life when things come full circle and the suicidal tendencies concert in san francisco was one of them. st is a band that i’ve been listening to since my early teens and i believe the second or third concert i ever went to. mind you i haven’t seen them since […]