25 Years Ago

I just had the realization that the first time I saw The Cult was 25 years ago! I’m not even sure how many times I’ve seen them since, but I will be seeing them again this weekend. So for Music Monday I give you this gem, from the album they were touring for the first […]

Brother Wolf, Sister Moon.

I love The Cult. Loved them as Southern Death Cult and just as much now. They were the first real band I saw live, in junior high and I’ve seen them numerous times since.  Brother Wolf, Sister Moon happens to be one of my favorite songs and I decided to create a piece around that. […]

electric 13

as i ‘d mentioned in my last post, i recently returned from the city by the bay, following seeing the cult perform the electric album, at the fillmore. to say i like the cult would probably be an understatement. the first concert i ever went to, in the eighth grade was them, headlining for sonic […]

dizzy in a haze for 40 days…

back from san francisco, after seeing these guys perform this, along with the rest of the electric album and a bunch of other songs. more on that, tomorrow.

i’m a wolf child…

howlin for you…wild flower…oh how the cult’s lyrics never get old. nor does coming upon nature at it’s purest form.

today’s a good day, for many reasons…

this is one…. the cult released choice of weapon today. you can listen in it’s entirety here.

golden year.

today, the lovely mr. astbury turns 50.


so yeah, i love the cult on a ridiculous level…in case you haven’t noticed. hyped for the new album next month and if you like a little rock and roll in your life, you should be too.