the owls are not what they seem.

As we drove over the Snoqualmie Pass on Interstate 90, into North Bend, Washington, the clouds became thicker and the skies became darker. I literally could not have asked for better weather to explore Twin Peaks. I pretty much nerded out over everything, like I’ve never nerded out over anything. I had maps, a list […]

electric 13

as i ‘d mentioned in my last post, i recently returned from the city by the bay, following seeing the cult perform the electric album, at the fillmore. to say i like the cult would probably be an understatement. the first concert i ever went to, in the eighth grade was them, headlining for sonic […]

there is no god up in the sky…tonight…

it’s not monday, and there may in fact be a god up in the sky tonight. four years after reznor stated nin should ” disappear for a while”, they’re back. i happened to be checking my “junk” email address (every now and again i find gems) and got one telling me, nine inch nails will […]