the canyon that is grand

My first stop on my grand adventure, was the Grand Canyon. I’d been here several times before, but it was a good stopping point on my way to Monument Valley and I happened to have a couple friends camping there.  I was in full blown sinus infection at this point and the wind and cold weren’t exactly helping, but I got it together to do a little exploring.


We didn’t go too far into the canyon, just to this place. the name cracked me up and you do actually ooh and aah, so it’s fitting.


Came upon a group of mules making their way up the trail, which was probably the highlight. A little glimpse into how things were once done and well, still are I suppose.


They work hard and in unison.


I departed through the desert side and got to check out the watchtower for the first time. A replica of a prehistoric native tower, it was built in 1932. You can actually go up in it, but there were far too many people to do so and I was itching to make my way to my next stop.


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