What’s In A Box

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a minute now. Pretty much since shortly after the last. My computer and phone had other ideas, thanks Apple. I’m up and running again, so here it goes.

A day or so after my last post I started getting a bunch of orders. I found it interesting that this was happening, as I was having such a feeling of wanting to back down from Birds of Prey. I sat down at my bench and buckled in. I began having all the feelings I always have when I do this. Feelings of peace, of knowing that this is a part of my soul. Then the feelings of fuck the heart break, fuck the fear, this is what I’ve always been wanting to do. I found that love again.

As most creatives can attest to, creativity ebbs and flows. I was in a serious ebb. I almost wanted to quit. I still don’t entirely know what Birds of Prey looks like as far as the time I’m going to dedicate to it, but I do know that I want to keep on doing it. I want to keep sharing a little piece of my heart with those that will have it. So a big thank you to those people that placed those orders. You certainly didn’t know that by doing that, you were going to save part of this lady’s dream.

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