Time Space Continuum

Days go, days don’t go. What was long ago seems like yesterday and yesterday seems long ago. Needless to say I haven’t been round these parts in a while. Much has been happening and then nothing has been happening. There is no good excuse other than I got lost in my head along the way.

Since I’ve been gone, I’ve become a doula and am working on my 200 hour kundalini teacher training. What does this have to do with jewelry? Nothing and everything. I’m much like a puzzle currently, spreading the pieces and seeing how they all fit together to paint a picture.

I got an email a few weeks back asking if I could post a link to some information, which I of course agreed to but wasn’t very quick to do because again, I haven’t been here. So apologies to them and anyone that could’ve used the information. I’ve long been an advocate for women, particularly Native American women, for obvious reasons and with the work I want to do in the future this will deepen. A few years back I had an auction supporting the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center and their work to help those that have been victims of domestic violence and rape. I have since donated profits from my work to them and other organizations supporting Native Americans.

Point being, the people over at mymove.com put together a really comprehensive list of support for the victims of domestic violence, which you can see HERE. If you or someone you know needs help, reach out, say something do something, even sharing these resources could be the first step. With Covid the cases of abuse of all kinds are on the rise. It’s one of the more unfortunate side effects of these days and times and something more people should be bringing light to. So if it’s a site that helps people with their moves and so be it!

I’m going to do better with keeping things up to date around here, so long as I don’t get caught up in that pesky time space continuum. In the meantime, please be well, be kind and take care of those around you.


I love when music comes into your life in random ways. Today this ear love came into my life. Now I shall listen to all the songs by this ray of joy.

Happy music Monday on a Tuesday. May the music gods bless you with fine tunes.

Winds of Change

Things have been feeling like they’re moving almost too quickly in these beautiful, ugly, dystopian, magical times. The time space continuum seems off kilter and it’s as if we’re living in a surrealist painting of some sort. Each day feels like the last and then again it doesn’t. I’m not sure what quite to make of it or much of anything that is happening around us. I just do my past to stay my course, do the work I feel is important and keep my wits about me, and not fall down the proverbial rabbit hole.

This is not to say this has been sunshine and rainbows, but to quote the late, great Hunter S. Thompson, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” This is my time to shine, haha. In all seriousness though, I’m managing and that is a testament to growth and my yoga practice. Redirecting the bad into something good instead of getting lost in being a victim, which has been my go to in the past.

Ah, but alas, I am rambling. I’m not entirely sure there’s a huge point here, other than to say I’m mulling a lot over and a big part of that is the future of Birds of Prey. You see, in that growth I mentioned, has come profound change. Change in what I want and change in what’s truly important to me. I’m digging into those things deeper and deeper. Letting them simmer, take shape and develop. I’m not jumping in blindly, as I’ve so often done in the past. I’m building and adding on until it all comes together.

Last weekend I officially became a doula! As in, if you’re having a baby, I would love nothing more than accompanying you along your journey. There are more steps and learning I have and want to do on this path, which are unfolding each day. It’s work that is important to me and close to my heart. I’m excited, for the first time in a long time. As these pages write themselves, I will continue to provide the CliffsNotes version here, until the story is fully ready to be told.

In the meantime, here’s a picture from the place I grew up. Well my kid years at least.

I love this place so much, now that I’ve made peace with it.

Coop de Ville

I got a few new members of the family a couple of weeks ago. They are entertaining and a pure delight. Say hello to, Mayhem, Coatlicue and Penelope!

I’ve since been attempting to build their coop and run. Being that I had to tear down some walls to reuse wood and it’s hotter than hell, this is taking a bit longer than anticipated. I did get the base done today, which is exciting.

Music Monday in Words

I started listening to a new podcast called Shadow to Self with Acharya Shunya and have been catching up on episodes during my morning walkabouts. Today’s was recorded shortly after the George Floyd murder and has much to do with feeling around that and very much digs into anger. Something I know so many of us are dealing with not only now, but other times in our lives. It’s a perspective I really like and am finding helpful, perhaps you will too. You can listen to it here.