Earth and Moon and Sun and Stars

Once upon a time on Instagram, I’d post the sunrise with whatever song was playing to my stories. Being that I don’t use the platform anymore, I’m going to reinstate that here. Music Monday is getting a little revamp. Although a picture never quite captures the perfection of that moment just before the sun peaks […]


There’s probably not much more I like than a good walkout, especially as I’m healing. I love them in the quiet of the morning, or as the sun is about to set, but certainly wouldn’t turn down a midday go. Lately I’ve taken to dancewalkabouts, which basically consist of me listening to music and dancing […]


A very happy holiday to you and yours, from points unknown.  

This Week’s Morning Sights

As I walked out for the daily morning walkabout, I saw a bird flying in my direction. It perched on the power line pole and we watched each other for a few moments until it flew over my head – so low I could feel the breeze of its wings!  I snapped this terrible picture […]

Picture in a Picture in a Picture 

   I found this hunk of picture jasper in an unexpected place but had to scoop it up as soon as I saw it. Plus they were practically giving it away and it totally looks like the mountains behind my house. Win, win.  I’m planning on fashioning a belt buckle out of because it’s far […]

Road Dog

Pretty much every morning is spent wondering with this chick. She’s my constant companion, a source of laughter and sometimes frustration, but always love.    This morning, in typical fashion, she surveyed the land for birds and rabbits, as I watched the sunrise.

Gracias and Thank you

Concluding this two week purge and post, aka a condensed version of one of my life’s greatest adventures, I want to say thank you. Thank yo to my mom for watching my pup, while out on the road, encouraging me to do this and for pretty much being all around great. To two of my […]

get your kicks

In the beginning stages of my journey, I decided to take a romp on route 66. The scenery was sparse for the most part and then suddenly you’d find yourself amongst little gems. that is to say, if you consider things left abandoned gems, as I do. Not pictured, a visit to Amboy Crater, a […]

la la la la la…

I’ve listened to a lot of music on my journey and many songs played well to the varied desert landscapes, but this one describes it all in such a beautifully simple way. America knows their stuff.

I’m still standing.

sort of. I’ve been to four states in the past week. my eyes have seen so many extraordinary things that my brain is still trying to catch up. I’m on the final leg of my journey and have been fighting a horrendous sinus infection the entire time. there have been many tears and frustrations over […]