Earth and Moon and Sun and Stars

Once upon a time on Instagram, I’d post the sunrise with whatever song was playing to my stories. Being that I don’t use the platform anymore, I’m going to reinstate that here. Music Monday is getting a little revamp. Although a picture never quite captures the perfection of that moment just before the sun peaks […]

Here Comes Lucifer…

The Magic Man, aka Grand Wizard, aka Vogel posted this the other day and it set off a great day followed by a fantastic weekend, which wrapped with watching 20,000 Days on Earth. My original sentiments about this version of the song are still the same, I want to crawl inside of it. All hail […]

I won’t be weeping long.

Oh the times I’ve slowdived to this. Countless. Had the fortune of hearing this live, several times in 1994 and I dip, dip dived then too. And holy crap, that was 20 years ago! Think I may be overdue on seeing these guys again.