Earth and Moon and Sun and Stars

Once upon a time on Instagram, I’d post the sunrise with whatever song was playing to my stories. Being that I don’t use the platform anymore, I’m going to reinstate that here. Music Monday is getting a little revamp. Although a picture never quite captures the perfection of that moment just before the sun peaks […]

Strange Days

Are here. The needle has slid off the proverbial record and scratched the hell out of it. The things that have happened in the world and this country are straight out of dystopian novel. The only words I’ve had to describe the pandemic portion in chapter one, were weird and surreal. Perhaps I’ll come up […]

The Sun Has Shifted

The season most certainly feels like it’s changing now. I’ve been working away on gifts and repairs, meaning I can’t show you too much of my work right now. I took a picture of some repairs I did and was going to post that, but they weren’t very interesting. Instead I give you this picture […]

Road Dog

Pretty much every morning is spent wondering with this chick. She’s my constant companion, a source of laughter and sometimes frustration, but always love.    This morning, in typical fashion, she surveyed the land for birds and rabbits, as I watched the sunrise.

went and stole some wings…

happy song numero dos.