This Week’s Morning Sights

As I walked out for the daily morning walkabout, I saw a bird flying in my direction. It perched on the power line pole and we watched each other for a few moments until it flew over my head – so low I could feel the breeze of its wings! 

I snapped this terrible picture of the said bird, a sharp-shinned hawk. 

Yesterday brought the most exciting/heart racing sight to date. The pup and I headed out just before sunrise and I had a sense that we were going to come across something but it faded as we walked on. We headed to the mountains behind the house, as we do so often, as I was wanting to get to the top to see the sun come up. 

As we made our way into the steeps, the pup started acting strangely and that sense came over me again. I began to scan the area but didn’t see anything. Then almost out of nowhere two of the largest coyotes I’ve ever seen were feet in front of us, literally blocking the trail. Now had I been alone I would’ve been startled but knowing they’re more scared of us than we are of them, my reaction probably would’ve been different. Seeing as I was with my crazy companion who thinks she’s super tough, I freaked out. All I could think of was, dog fight and the odds weren’t in our favor. Since they certainly had just stalked us I’m thinking my hunch was right. So I waved my arm, yelled NO! like a mad woman and they ran off, as did we.

No pictures were taken for obvious reasons but it’s one of those memories that’s burned into my brain and doesn’t require one.

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