There’s probably not much more I like than a good walkout, especially as I’m healing. I love them in the quiet of the morning, or as the sun is about to set, but certainly wouldn’t turn down a midday go.

Lately I’ve taken to dancewalkabouts, which basically consist of me listening to music and dancing as I walk along. Occasionally there will be a sing along (my poor neighbors). This is the kind of stuff that makes me insanely happy. It’s a time to be with myself, not think about anything, connect to mama earth and take in the beauty that surrounds me. Not to say I’d turn down anyone who’d want to join, but solo missions are my favorite.

I have a route I like, mainly because there’s a hill, horses, a coyote den and this place.

A sweet pop of abandoned color, that I’ve now taken a ridiculous amount of pictures of. I’ve watched as it’s changed in little ways over the past year. Each time I pass it I tell myself stories of who it might belong to, or belonged to. Why don’t they come for it? Will they? What happened? I often think of what a chic little home it could be for a squatter, but only if they took care of it because it would make me sad if something happened to it. These thoughts are what I so often have when coming upon any abandoned space. I think it’s partially why I love them the way I do. That and their fight to survive, despite being left behind.

I highly recommend a walkabout, especially a dancewalkabout. You won’t be disappointed.

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